RAM Research Humble Beginnings

RAM Research Humble Beginnings in 1985

In 1985, armed with a $3,500 personal bank loan, Founder Robert McKinley purchased a Kaypro 286i computer (8 Mhz 728KB Memory), a Diablo 630 daisy wheel printer, Xerox copier and a ton of printer wheels/ribbons and floppy disks. 

Operating from the basement of his home in Frederick, Maryland and with the birth of “desktop publishing,” McKinley initially focused on mutual fund tracking, but found in late 1986 a major opportunity in credit card tracking. At the time, banks stayed in their footprints with credit cards as an ancillary banking service, and were just introducing upgraded “Gold” cards.

Thus began RAM Research, the only company ever to simultaneously serve banks with competitive intelligence and consumers with comparative information.

Following its first major news interview with Tony Carideo of the Minneapolis Star Tribune in early 1987, and the inking of deal for a monthly column in the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s in mid-1988, RAM Research grew exponentially.

RAM Research thereafter pioneered dozens of new products and services, opening offices in New York, San Francisco, London and Sydney, and developed relationships at the highest levels in the payments business, banking community, and “Wall Street,” as well as the national news media, consumer groups and federal lawmakers.


The RAM Reports

Market Research Services

Advisory Services


PYRPTS (global payment reports)

PYVNTS (global payment events)

CardBuzz (published payment news)

BankCenter (payment news releases)

CardFlash (payment executive news)

CardTrak (consumer payment news)

CardData (quarterly payment data)

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