RAM Reports Executive Summary for the U.S 2020 Edition.

RAM Reports 2020 - U.S. Executive Summary

U.S. Major Payments Networks & Issuers Market Analysis, Performance & Trends – Quarterly Review (2015-2019) and Annual Historical & Forecast (2015-2025)

Executive Summary

The U.S. payment card industry has reached the point of saturation of credit card products, the maturation of debit card products and the accelerating penetration of prepaid cards will produce unprecedented challenges in the next five years. Card issuers are also facing a likely downward global economic cycle in the 2021 to 2023 period, dampening U.S. consumer spending and personal debt aversion.

Regardless, opportunities abound in the U.S, marketplace with the integration of mobile apps and other financial technology (Fintech) to capture payment volume. Migrating current and future card products to less complex and lower cost rewards programs is inevitable. “Snippet” counter marketing of competitor weaknesses in basic card pricing in late payment, balance transfers, cash advances and foreign transactions will likely emerge.

Risk Management

While risk management will be the key to the mitigation of card metrics during the next few years including credit lines, opportunities exist to market consumer “friendly” debt management through minimum payment waivers and short-term interest rate reductions.

It is imperative for U.S. payment card issuers to thoroughly review the effectiveness of current marketing channels, stem the rising tide of account attrition rates pervasive among major portfolios. Internet marketing has become intrusive over the past five years, diminishing brand value via the aggressiveness of online marketing via third parties.

With a focus on the four largest payments networks and the four largest issuers in the U.S. credit, charge, debit, and prepaid card business, collectively representing the gorilla and lion of market share, respectively, this report:

Management Tools

* Provides quarter-by-quarter data points from Q1 2015 through Q4 2019 of all basic and critical metrics of network and issuer operating performance

* Furnishes annual portfolio operating performance for 2015 through 2019 and appropriately weighted performance annual projections for 2020 through 2025.

* Presents over 300 exhibits and more than 5,000 data points to firmly establish individual and peer group momentum during a stable macro economy.

* Appraises through 43 commentary reports voluntary attrition, involuntary attrition, average tickets, portfolio segmentation by credit score and product type, reward redemption rates, etc.

* Evaluates portfolio segmentation by credit score and product type, reward redemption rates, fee development, demographics, new products and services, mobile apps and emerging payment technology.

* Assess more than 50 individual U.S. bank credit card programs, including loans outstanding and purchase value, including a peer group snapshot of the Top 100 U.S. banks operating within the credit card segment.

*  Estimates the macro, micro trends and particularity of the U.S. payment card market and the likelihood of merger and acquisition activity through 2025.


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Executive Summary


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