Confidential research solely on behalf of a financial services or investor client, generally for competitive, intelligence or thesis purposes. The completed project is owned and its distribution is totally controlled by the client.

Online Surveys

Most cost-effective method to gauge and discover consumer and business cardholder or banking macro/micro trends and behaviors from a large diverse group. Online Includes website, email, social media, and mobile surveys.

Focus Groups

New consumer card products, enhancements or upgrades to existing consumer card or business card products require reactions and opinions of a carefully selected, qualitatively diverse group representative of the target market.

The RAM Research® X Factor

RAM Research® market research services have been utilized by the smallest card issuers to the national giants to fully understand all segments of the consumer and business market. In today’s volatile environment the winds can change very rapidly and necessitate online surveys to optimize the timing of a new product launch or a major product upgrade. Like live testing or beta marketing nothing beats the invaluable input of a focus group.

RAM Research® market research services have been invaluable for financial services executives to measure portfolio management within their peer group for risk, account acquisition and ancillary product revenue.

Most of RAM Research® clients are more like partners. While we provide one-off research services, well over 50% of our clients are long-term with regular meetings or staff roundtables to stay abreast of the most recent research and to explore new research projects.

Payments Market Research Services - Partners

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PYRPTS (global payment reports)

PYVNTS (global payment events)

CardBuzz (published payment news)

BankCenter (payment news releases)

CardFlash (payment executive news)

CardTrak (consumer payment news)

CardData (quarterly payment data)

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