Our power to influence decisions and perceptions at the highest levels is well regarded. Whether explaining a cobrand proposal or sharing a CEO power lunch to debating a litigation or legislative matter -- we know the ropes.


Our ability to analyze raw data and uncover payment trends within a peer group or across the full spectrum is well established. Forecasting is beyond CAGR, PCE, GDP, it is an art, precisely why we achieve a high degree of accuracy.


Our experience and credibility as expert witnesses in financial services litigation is well documented. From filing amicus briefs and affidavits to depositions and live testimony we have faced it all from the nation’s top attorneys.

RAM Research® Secret Weapon

Uniquely RAM Research® has its fingers on the pulse of the “big picture.” Besides being highly respected by top executives, top attorneys, and top legislators, our biggest asset, and to some extent, a “gift,” is our ability to walk the tightrope between producers and consumers.

RAM Research® has a long history of successfully working with, and earning the respect of, the national press corps with our ability to offer solid facts to explain complicated financial business products and, when appropriate, explaining the basis for reasonable consumer concerns.

RAM Research is not a public relations firm.

RAM Research® prides itself on being ethical, credible, fiercely independent, and therefore highly selective with client acceptance.

RAM Research® and its opinions, either directly or through affiliates, have been referenced more than 20,000 times in the news media. We have never testified on the losing side in more than 100 litigations, have never incorrectly predicted a legislative outcome, and have never been sued.

Payments Market Advisory Services - Secret Weapon

Our Toolbox is Your Arsenal

Consulting, analysis and/or testimony services are some of the weapons RAM Research® brings to the table for your consideration.


PYRPTS (global payment reports)

PYVNTS (global payment events)

CardBuzz (published payment news)

BankCenter (payment news releases)

CardFlash (payment executive news)

CardTrak (consumer payment news)

CardData (quarterly payment data)

RAM Research® is a division of Ruebud Media, Inc.


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