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Desktop publishing from 1985 to 1995 leveled the national playing field for infinitesimal research and publishing firms at the speed of fax and mail. The development of the Internet for business in 1995 enabled tiny firms to play on the global playing field at nearly the speed of light. In 2005 came the wave of apps and 2010 the tidal wave of social platforms. RAM Research® rode every wave to serve its payments niche and fuel client expansion.


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Navigating a saturated U.S. payment card market, managing an evolving sub-prime credit card portfolio, and personalizing cardholder loyalty are among RAM Research® 2020 client projects. Three new payment technology patent projects in review for 2021 and preparation for the 2021-2029 tussle between "unfair" and "best" business practices in the U.S. payments, currency and credit markets.

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RAM Research® has a long history of providing balanced and thorough research services at C-suite levels, with unbiased, and sometimes, unexpected conclusions. Our most valuable asset is credibility, saving our clients millions.

In 1985, armed with a $3,500 personal bank loan, Founder Robert McKinley purchased a Kaypro 286i computer (8 Mhz 728KB), a Diablo 630 daisy wheel printer, Xerox B&W copier and a ton of printer wheels, printer ribbons, and floppy disks . . . . .

Signing a 1988 deal with the Wall Street Journal® and Barron’s®, RAM Research® was off to the races, introducing five publications for professionals and consumers. Launching websites in 1995, the company expanded to five offices on three continents . . . .

RAM Research has served thousands of payment executives and reached millions of consumers globally. Early major clients included Synovus, Visa, Wachovia, GE, Household, PNC, Toyota, RCA, Virgin Money, JCB, Moody's, BEA, AFBA . . . .

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From The RAM Reports to Market Research to Advisory Services and with Decades of Experience RAM Research® Knows a Thing or Two About the Payments Industry


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