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RAM Research® was founded in 1986, growing to become by 1992 the major source of competitive and financial intelligence to banks and financial services worldwide.

In 1995 RAM Research® launched two major websites:®, which evolved into a major portal of daily payment industry news, data, research and resources, and®, which established itself as one of most recommended websites for educating credit card prospects and users, plus access to online credit card products.

In 1986 RAM Research's® first consumer publication was a monthly updated list of the best credit card deals in the U.S. (Bankcard List) followed with the publication of directories detailing all the credit card products available in each of the seven geographical regions of the U.S (Bankcard Directory later CardSearch). In 1987, the Bankcard Directories were expanded to detail credit card products for each of the 50 states. While aimed at consumers, the Bankcard Directories became popular with banks seeking competitive intelligence as they migrated outside their geographical footprint to issue credit cards.

In 1988 RAM Research® signed a contract to provide The Wall Street Journal® and Barron's® with a monthly list of the most favorably consumer-priced credit card programs and the rates/fees charged by the ten largest issuers. The table was published for 20 years thereafter.

In 1990 RAM Research® introduced the monthly Bankcard Update to deliver financial and competitive intelligence to financial institutions (quarterly figures on 250 U.S. bank credit card issuers offering details on receivables, volume, gross accounts, active accounts and cards as well as in-depth details on pricing structures).

In 1991 RAM Research® unveiled CardTrak®, a new monthly consumer newsletter offering payment card news for the consumer as well as an in depth listing of bank credit cards by category, i.e. low rate, no fee, premium, rewards, secured, business, etc. The newsletter was heavily promoted by the U.S media and fostered intense competition between bank credit card issuers.

In 1992
RAM Research® launched Bankcard Barometer for financial institutions which provided macro metrics of the U.S. bank credit card industry as well as profiles of select banks each month.

In 1995 RAM Research® became an Internet pioneer with the launch of® and®, announced in conjunction with the annual ABA National Bank Card Conference in New York City. RAM Research® simultaneously launched the first daily news service for the payment card industry called CardFlash®.

In 1997 RAM Research®, via CardWeb®, developed the monthly online® service for financial institutions to track and forecast critical financial metrics of the payment business including delinquencies, chargeoffs, gross profit margins, net interest margins, business costs, bankruptcies, return-on-assets, etc. CardData® evolved from the monthly RAM Bankcard Update and RAM Bankcard Barometer paper reports.  

In 2001 RAM Research®, via CardWeb®, launched a monthly half-hour TV program for financial services executives, CardWeb TV.

In 2005 RAM Research®, via CardWeb®, added the CardConferences (, CardExecs (, and CardPixes ( services. CardConferences is a comprehensive listing of professional events for financial services executives. CardExecs is a monitor of the "coming and goings" of the "mover and shakers" of the payment card industry. CardPixes is an online database of the "form and function" of cards issued globally.

In 2008 RAM Research®, via CardWeb®, introduced CardQue (, the first service to deliver unedited payment industry news as it happens (24X7X365) to subscribers and clients.

In 2009 RAM Research® divested itself of the CardWeb® and CardTrak® businesses and entered into a research, development and consulting period. 

In 2010 RAM Research® became a private payments consulting firm.

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