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RAM Research®Welcomes You

RAM Research® tracks the U.S. and International payments industry and offers more than 150 short-term forecasts of critical performance and company specific measurements as well as long-term industry forecasts.

RAM Research® closely follows Visa - MasterCard - American Express - Discover - JCB - UnionPay - Visa Europe - 
Chase - Bank of America - Capital One - Citibank 

RAM Research® provides Composite & Company Metrics for the Current Quarter, Prior Four Quarters and the Next Four Quarters.

RAM Research® considers the following factors in assembling forecasts:

VELOCITY: Current Growth of a Specific Company compared to Peer Group, Total Vertical and Market Segment.

SEASONALITY: Historical Fluctuations; Recent Trends; and Predicted Shifts

EXTERNAL: Economic; Regulatory; Litigation; Competition; and Cybercrime

INTERNAL: Dispositions; Acquisitions; Mergers; Consolidations; and Operational

TECHNIQUES: Qualitative & Quantitative Models; Regression Analysis; and Exponential Smoothing.