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U.S. Major Networks & Issuers Market Analysis, Performance & Trends – Quarterly Review (2015-2019) and Annual Historical & Forecast (2015-2025) (42 Parts + 310 Exhibits + 5005 Data Points + 500+ Pages) Release Mar 15th

Market Research

Commissioned Private, Public or Selective-Public Financial Services Studies -- Online Surveys for Broad Market Trends and Consumer Awareness --  MSA-Balanced Focus Groups for Product/Service Implementations or Modifications.

Advisory Services

Payments Systems, Banking Services/Products and Patent Evaluation Consulting -- Vertical, Segment and Metric Analysis -- Expert Testimony for Antitrust Litigation, Civil Proceedings and Legislative Purposes

Since 1993

Why RAM Research Payments Market Research Advisory Reports Can Help You .  . .

In 1985, RAM Research & Publishing Company was established to assist retail investors select, track and manage the volatility and stability among a  total U.S. market of only 400 mutual funds. One-year later we shifted to helping consumers evaluate credit card offers and within two years expanded to helping banks monitor credit card competition. For nearly 35 years we have published hundreds of private and public financial services research reports and periodicals.

RAM Research® was instrumental in furnishing historical research services to dozens of broad market research and investment-related firms. Many of these research projects were subsets incorporated by major national and international research concerns. Among major research projects: assisting the U.S. GAO for a special report to the U.S. Congress, and investigative research for two PBS financial services documentaries.

RAM Research® played a major role in repositioning two national non-bank credit card “watershed” network-branded products. We assisted five Fortune 100 companies evaluate credit card cobranding proposals.  We successfully testified in 100+ significant lawsuits including two antitrust cases involving $2 billion and $9 billion, separately. In the $2 billion case, the federal judge considered setting the jury verdict aside solely based on our testimony for the defendant. Afterwards, the plaintiff verdict was unanimously reversed by the federal appeals court and subsequently rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court for consideration.

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Simply Supply a Brief Informal NDA-Compliant Project Overview or Send Us Your RFI/RFP for Consideration. Review The RAM Reports® Menu and Submit Inquiries. If We Cannot Help You Internally We Will Help You Externally . . . We Promise !!!


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